Our Story


The Gun Stash was founded by Denis, a Marine Corps veteran and gun enthusiast. Over the course of trying to satisfying his addiction for all things that go "BANG", one thing he noticed of his favorite gun stores was that they either had a great retail store or online store, but rarely both. Perhaps even more disturbing to him was all the "missed opportunity" of not being able to purchase rare and cool customer trade-ins without having to drop in on a daily basis.


After 9 years on active duty and using the money he made off the sale of his FZJ80 Toyota Land Cruiser to launch his website with plans to bridge the gap between the physical and online gun buying experience.



About Us

• No stock photos - We will take the extra time to take high quality photos of our used inventory to ensure that they are represented as accurately as possible.
• No credit card fees - You don't have to worry about paying a different price for cash or credit anywhere else, why should buying a gun be any different?
• No haggle prices - We work hard to keep our overhead low and our processes efficient to bring you the lowest price possible.
• No BS - Your satisfaction is our priority. If something isn't right, give us the chance and we will do everything we can to fix it.