About Us

  • No stock photos - We will take the extra time to take high quality photos of our used inventory to ensure that they are represented as accurately as possible.
  • No credit card fees - You don't have to worry about paying a different price for cash or credit anywhere else, why should buying a gun be any different?
  • No haggle prices - We work hard to keep our overhead low and our processes efficient to bring you the lowest price possible.
  • No bullshit - Your satisfaction is our priority. If something isn't right, give us the chance and we will do everything we can to fix it.
  • Latest from news blog

    Is there something you don't see on our website that you want to get your hands on?

    Even if we don't have it contact us anyways.  We can utilize our Gun network and find you the firearm or accessory that you desire. Once we find something we... Read more +

    FFL Transfers

    Purchased a gun online and need an FFL to have it shipped to? The Gun Stash is glad to inform you that we are an available FFL and are able... Read more +

    Building an AR for You.

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